Episcopal Diocese of Upper SC

  • Financial Accessibility

    EVERYONE is WELCOME to experience the faith-changing formation events that it offers during the year no matter ones financial situation! Registration costs should never be a reason to not participate. Through special funds, scholarships are available upon request.

    Typically, the participant will contribute one third of the fee, their church will contribute another third, and the Diocese will contribute a third. There are other financial options for participants to be able to attend.

    If you are requesting scholarship assistance, please follow these steps:
    1. Send an email to formation@edusc.org or call 803-771-7800 X105 requesting aid before the October 29th registration deadline. Please wait to receive Scholarship Code before completing your Registration! You will receive a code in a response email that you may use on this form to pay your third of the fee. In your email, please include:
         - Your name
         - Your contact information
         - Your congregation
         - Contact information for your congregation
    2. Contact your local congregation to alert them that you are requesting aid.
    3. Wait until you have received a code in response to your email, then fill out your registration, as you are not able to save an incomplete registration on this form.
    4. Once you have received your code, return to this form. Fill it out as usual, and check the box indicating you've requested a scholarship.
    5. Enter the code you received via email.
    6. Submit your payment of one third of the fee.
    7. The Diocese and the church will handle the remaining balance.
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  • Candidate Sponsor Information

    Sponsors are expected to assist the candidate with transportation to the Happening weekend,
    lend support during the weekend, and assist the applicant following the weekend to be active in their congregation and other ministries.
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  • Your Community Information

    Please provide details about your community so we can best serve you.
  • If you are from outside the Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina, please choose "The Episcopal Church in South Carolina" or "Guest." If you choose "Guest," you will be prompted to enter the name and city of your congregation outside of this diocese.

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  • Medical and Congregation Release Form

    Please follow these links to access 2018-19 Medical and Congregation Release forms: Medical and Congregational Release Form or use the PDF fillable format form at Medical and Congregational Release Form (Fillable Format)

    Please email a scanned copy of your completed Release Form to formation@edusc.org and mail original to EDUSC, Attn: Happening #80, 1115 Marion Street, Columbia SC 29201.
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